Ideas to emerge out of COVID-19 successfully!

Published on 8th Apr 2020

It is the phase when things slowly return to normalcy - we don’t know when, but when it happens, it will happen rapidly. Releasing pent up demand. There will also be new growth opportunities


Are we hitting a Giant Reset Button? The Pandemic Effect

Published on 6th Apr 2020

The undertones of the pandemic are everywhere, constantly playing on our mind, our social feed and on every screen we use. COVID-19 has impacted the world in every possible way from medicine to economic standing, mental well-being and change in consumer behaviour.


The coming of age of ‘GREEN’ Marketing

Published on 24th Feb 2020

The conversation around the environment & sustainability has gained momentum in recent times and is influencing consumer behaviour. Issues like climate change and plastic waste have dominated the global discourse. What 2019 has done, is put the spotlight on an evolving problem for marketers and increasingly brands are getting involved around the idea of conscious consumption in a throwaway society.

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