Ganesh Raman
Founder & CEO

Since joining Water Communications with his partners in 2010, now rechristened as Freeflow Creative Services, he has been responsible for steering and evolving Freeflow's proposition in the constantly changing, but always stimulating, environment. Ganesh brings to Freeflow its anchor forceful strength - from breaking down all asks to strategic inputs and driving the team to deliver stellar creative outputs. At Freeflow he drives brand strategy, brings retail acumen, is a consumer insights guru. He is also Freeflow’s Chief Collaborator.

Prior to this, Ganesh spent more than a decade and a half of his career at Ogilvy. There he brought to fore some of the country’s prestigious brands and launched iconic products. Then he headed marketing at India’s premier retail fashion brand at Arvind Ltd., again launching what is today a major shopping destination. On weekends, Ganesh goes on long distance runs when he is not digging for incisive insights for clients.

Dayanand Sheelavant (Daya)
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Daya started his career at HTA in 1991, followed by O&M, and then spent about a decade in JWT. Though he hails from Haveri, the place of snakes, it is his art that he honed at Bangalore’s prestigious Chitra Kala Parishath that defines him. He’s a break dancer. A barefoot runner. Ardent cyclist. Lamp designer. T-Shirt designer. And is known to laugh a lot.

Through his sparkling time in advertising he has delivered remarkable work for the country’s A-list brands. His work has taken him to coveted awards nights around the world.

Here, he inspires and oversees the creative output of the agency. As we continue to deliver innovative creative solutions across advertising, films and content, Daya’s characteristic ability to distil complexities into captivating yet simple creative ideas give us the incisive edge.

Jesu Dominic
Digital Chief

Jesu has worked in agencies, film-making, news-reporting, marketing, and has set up digital departments in organisations. He finds it very interesting to study how communication techniques are used to market to consumers. It was this interest that got him observing social media in detail, from its nascent stages and how it transformed into the medium of choice today to reach the digital savvy generation.

As the head of a marketing function, he has worked along with many digital marketing companies and understands precisely, client requirements. Jesu brings a unique and wide perspective to our digital play. He believes that we should be able to demonstrate measurable business lift by the work we do. He is passionate about developing customised digital footprints for clients and turning it in to a reliable tool for business development.
He is a Visionary. Ideator. Collaborator. Marketing planner. Budget enhancer. Go-getter.

Zen like focus and uncanny calm when the uncluttered mind is conjuring up great ideas.

Alex Sebastian
Pilot, National Frisbee Champ, Digital Whizz

Alex Vinter
Thinker. Designer. Illustrator.

Athanasius A P
These youthful looks hide a mature go getter

Badrinath B
The perfect all-rounder for whom action speaks louder than words.

Damy Varghese
Farmer. Bike rider. Stays cool in all temperatures.

Deviprasad Sundaram
This compassionate animal lover and problem solver is also our Rajini.

Dileep Kumar
Ideas man. Cool as a cucumber. Seasoned designer.

Edwin Xavier
Works faster than the clock but always on the clock.

Govindaraju M
Creator, Finisher, Iron hide.

Gopu Kodoth
Quiet. Lights up every dull situation.

Madhusoodanan M
Visual Magician. Anchor. Can give any creative block a big nudge.

Manjunath K
You can love him or hate him, but one can’t do without him.

Mohammed Ali
Hardened go getter. Pro at events and activation

Mohammed Azmathulla
Studio strong hand. When you are seasoned by the years, perfection is natural.

Pavanaram Iyengar
This seasoned ad man comes with deep learnings across wide sectors

Rohan Anthony
Thinks, writes and vrooms with no strings attached.

Yuvaraj M
This digital marketing hacker thrives on being an all rounder