Award: Bronze

The Brain wave:
Why should clients have all the fun? Previously known as Water Communication, the brief was to go through a rebranding exercise, to energise and re-launch the brand. Thus ‘Freeflow’ was born and christened. The idea was to create a design language that aptly reflected the philosophy behind the name which meant opening the floodgates of ideas, creative thinking and outstanding execution.
Streaming Ahead:
As we ran our grey cells to full throttle, inspiration took on many forms to personify the metaphor of being free flowing. Like the waves of the ocean and the vibrant brain waves that connect like-minded thinking, the ideation process was as much fun as the eureka moment that manifests itself in the vibrant branding that we created. Everything from merchandise, collaterals to corporate stationary carry design elements that aptly depict the ‘freeflow way of thinking.’

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