TATA Soulful - Delicious millets

Bringing Millets front & Center: A Digital Approach for Exciting Consumer Experiences

Tata Soulfull wanted to bring to consumers the goodness of Indian Millets in modern, relevant and exciting forms. They were looking for a strategic brand and digital partner to help them maximize the performance of their digital assets. This is where we stepped in.

The tasks at hand were to develop compelling product propositions, orchestrate impactful product launches, and curate an exciting and engaging social media presence. We put our heads together to ensure that every aspect of their digital ecosystem, including their website, performance creatives, emailers, and more, tirelessly contribute to the success of the brand.

Taste First, Health Forward

Our goal from the start has been to understand the brand’s intent to a tee and communicate that with the target audience authentically. To meet the specific needs of this collaboration, we follow Tata Soulfull’s clear guidelines and work closely with various teams. At the same time, we look for ways to be more flexible and efficient while maintaining high standards and delivering quality results.

As their digital brand partner we've achieved a whopping 33.7% growth over a period of 2 years on their follower base on Instagram while raking in close to a million views on brand films published on Instagram in 2022 itself! We're proud to have supported the brand and the team with growth in key areas, as the brand grew exponentially and spread operations across the country!

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